"Ride out victoriously for the cause of truth, meekness, and righteousness." Ps 45:4

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 The foundation of the program of TNR is unique in that it pairs one child, one horse and one mentor for each session. No child is ever left behind or lost in a crowd. Our "one on one" learning environment is dedicated to restoring the heart, soul, mind, and strength of our kids. Each child is unique and separate, coming to the ranch  for his or her own time of healing. Those individual needs are identified by the staff and a tailored activity is created. 




Each session offers its own uniqueness. We desire for every child to experience our love and offer a place of refuge and hope. Each child, along with their leader, will have the opportunity to do some chores like grooming a horse, working with a horse which can include painting on a horse, playing in the round pen, and sometimes, riding. We also will offer for children who don't want to play with the horses, to do a craft such as beading, leather work, or scrapbook a page ready for a picture to capture their memory at the ranch. Together the leader and child decide the time they will spend together. All the activities with the children are structured to accomplish our primary goal of creating a safe and loving environment to mentor the child.   

SPECIAL NOTE: All participants MUST wear closed toe shoes. Boots are best. No crocks as well. Wear pants and dress for the weather. We want to offer a safe and comfortable session for all. 



 Contact the ranch between 9am-5pm at, 218-851-1937, to schedule your 90 minute session. All visitors and session participants must have a signed form. You can download the registration HERE




Presently we focus on the targeted "at-risk" child between the ages of 5-18. We belielve here at TNR that we offer refuge, a place of peace and fun away from the pressures of this world. Every child is at risk of falling into these pressures but some children have experienced or are experiencing tough situations where extra healing is needed. We desire to serve all who want to come and hang out with our horses and be encouraged wherever they are at emotionally, spiritually, and physically. We want to offer a picture of hope within their present circumstance.

We would encourage you to stay as we like to help your child through the healing process and you as their parent or care giver are essential in the journey. You may feel free to relax anywhere on the ranch or take a walk in the woods. Your presence is key. 



 Our program is provided at no charge. The only requirement is for your child to have a desire to attend and an open heart. 



 No. The ranch is not associated with any particular religious congregation. However, TNRM is a  faith-based organization. The ranch is founded on the same Judeo-Christian values that our nation was built upon. Faith on the ranch is "lived" not "preached." Because the Founders and Board of Directors believe in God and the saving grace of His Son Jesus Christ, it is our greatest desire to serve God by the demonstration of our faith through action by our love for Him and the support of families. It is our highest honor to serve children and families of all backgrounds. 

Is my donation tax deductable?


 TNRM is  a non-profit, 501(c) (3) organization. We will provide a receipt for you to use for a tax deduction towards the program which will include but not limited to money for tack, equipment, feed, land, building supplies, ect. You may click on the icon on our HOME page or Make A Donation, which will bring you to a link where you can make a one time donation or automatic giving monthly. We love the consistency of automatic giving as we are able to budget more wisely.  

Assistance, Donations, Volunteering


Prayer is  the one gift most needed and easiest for most to give! We are grounded in knowing as people pray specifically for TNRM and our needs, we will be blessed three fold.  You can pray for our kids that come to the ranch, our staff, our horses health, and that we as founders are asking for wisdom daily from the only one Who can give it, our Lord Jesus Christ. We desire to give Him all the glory in everything we do. Those who choose to pray for our kids, our horses, and us are truly giving us an incredible gift.

Cash Donations


Although for participants and visitors the ranch is free of charge, running and maintaining such a facility is not. Our annual expenses are just over $3500 a month. Plus our goal is to build a barn where we can have a place to do crafts, fellowship, and other activities and provide all year all weather ministry. This cost alone, is over $100,000.  All cash donations are greatly appreciated.

How Can I Donate?


If you would like to donate, via check or cash, click on:
Make A Donation for a form you can fill out and send to us.
Thank you! We can not serve the children without your partnership!

Lee & Bokoda


Lee Shelstad has always loved horses! But only a few years ago at the age of 44 was she able to own her first horse. Bokoda Jo. But she knew that this would not just be any horse, but a horse that would serve the LORD. God gave her the perfect little missionary as a young colt, only a year and 3 months old, they grew together. By Lee's love with Jesus, she shares that love through special activities with kids. She understands trials and struggles in life, and desires to share the gift of this little guy to others who need healing. Bokoda has a personality of a clown! Come visit this wonderful gift God gave to Lee. He will make you smile!

Dan & Nugget


Nugget and Dan met in May of 2011, but weren't fast mate friends right away. Dan had some bad experiences with horses in his younger years, but through time they built a special relationship with one another. This concept of RELATIONSHIP is the foundation of TNRM. By "hanging out" with one another through different activities, a horse and human get to understand each other and start the process of connecting. Just like our relationship with Jesus Christ, it takes time and understanding, and soon the process of healing begins. Nugget and Dan are the best of friends now!